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About BSNW

Kandis Grose MS, RD, LN


Kandis enjoys spending time outdoors exploring the beautiful state of Montana. She loves hiking, camping, skiing and backpacking.


Kandis earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from Oregon State University. She then completed her coordinated Masters and Dietetic Internship program at Lamar University. 

Kandis has extensive counseling experience working with clients needs ranging from nutrition therapy for disease states, emotional eating, food allergies, disordered eating, weight management and more. She began her career working at Billings Clinic.  



Kandis believes in finding a health and wellness plan that caters to each individual's lifestyle and needs. She encourages you to stop dieting, enjoy life through making small, achievable changes that are unique to each client that will lead to sustainable success.


Kandis is available for virtual appointments only. When contacting insurance to verify coverage, please provide the name Kandis Wessel.



Counseling Locations

Image by Nikolai Chernichenko

PCOS Nutrition 

Food allergies & intolerance

General Health & Wellness

Weight management

Sports Nutrition

Eating Disorders

Cancer Nutrition


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